Realized Gain/Loss

  • Track realized gain and loss

    Track long and short term realized gain/loss.

Make Tax Time Easier With Realized Gain and Loss Tracking

Tracking your total realized gains and losses is important for planning your taxes, your retirement goals and more. We've made your Realized Gain/Loss page highly interactive and customizable so you can view the data you want in the manner that's easiest for you. See for yourself why we're one of the best online investment platforms for realized income support and more.

Quickly and Easily See Your Realized Gains and Losses

  • Organize the columns by days held, date sold, sales proceeds, cost, total gain or loss (as a dollar amount), or percentage of gain/loss.
  • Get a quick view of overall gains and losses at the top of the page so you can manage your account and make decisions at-a-glance.

Make Tax Forms a Breeze

  • Import your data into MS Money or Quicken to make record-keeping easier and more accurate.
  • Access positions that were closed during the current year or the prior year through our online investment platform—no need to wait for copies of statements.

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