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Understand what buying on margin is, and how to start investing using margin loans at Fair Trade Export. Learn More >>

  • Margin Benefits

    Margin buying allows you to enjoy flexible cash, increased returns and more advantages. Learn More >>
  • Margin Risks

    Fully understand the risks of trading on Margin and learn how you can manage them. Learn More >>
  • Margin Requirements

    Learn about Margin Requirements and the difference between Initial and Maintenance Margin Requirements. Learn More >>
  • Margin Call

    A comprehensive demonstration on what a Margin Call is and how to avoid one. Learn More >>
  • Margin Buying Power

    Learn the logic of how your Margin Buying Power is calculated and plan your portfolio more strategically. Learn More >>
  • Day Trading Rules

    Learn the definitions and rules of Day Trading.
    Learn More >>

Please click here to download a Margin Application and Agreement.

Cash vs. Margin

Learn the difference between cash and margin account. Learn More >>

Short Selling

Short selling is a strategy to use when you expect a security’s price will decline. Learn More >>

Cash Account Trading Rules

Learn the Cash Account Trading Rules including Good Faith Violations and 90-Day Restriction. Learn More >>


Find easy examples of Margin Requirements, Margin Calls and Day Trading Margin Rules in our Tutorial section. Learn More >>

Margin Related FAQs

Find the answers to your questions regarding trading on Margin in our Margin-related FAQs section. Learn More >>

Margin Rates

Fair Trade Export offers margin interest rates as low as 5% APR. For more details, please refer to our Margin Interest Rates.

Margin Glossary

Definitions of commonly used Margin-related terms. Learn More >>

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