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Fair Trade Export offers investment education for beginners (including tools, investment tips, and services) to help you make your next move.
Stocks Stocks

Purchase shares of a corporation signifying ownership. Whether investing in Blue-Chips or Small-Caps, there are thousands of stocks to choose from.

Options Options

Hedge an investment or leverage for greater potential gain. Weigh the risk and the reward.


ETFs trade like stocks, but have many of the characteristics of passively managed Mutual Funds. Best of both worlds?

Mutual Funds Mutual Funds

Don't like putting all your eggs in one basket? Diversify with professionally managed funds. We have the fund that suits you.

Fixed Income Fixed Income

Corporate Bonds, Munis, Treasuries, Government Bonds or CDs. Fixed income securities are designed to generate a steady and fixed periodic payment.

  Margin Loans

Margin is a good way to leverage your investment. Learn all about margin loans and build a more comprehensive investment strategy.

  Investment Glossary

Confused about a trading or investing term? Access our easy-to-use Glossary and become informed.

Investment Education Videos