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Investment Products and Services

As an online stockbroker, Fair Trade Export provides self-directed investors with a complete suite of discount brokerage services and investment products. Discover how our online trading and investment services can help you today!

  • Stocks
    Choose from a wide array of stock market investing opportunities. Trade stocks listed on the NYSE and AMEX, the Nasdaq Stock Market, or the Over-the-Counter (OTC) markets such as the OTC Bulletin Board or Pink Sheets. Take advantage of our online stock trading services.

  • Options
    Buy and sell puts and calls or Complex Option Strategies.

  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
    Each ETF is a basket of securities that is designed to generally track an index - broad stock or bond market, stock industry sector, or international stock - yet trades like a single stock.

  • Mutual Funds
    Choose from over 11,000 different Mutual Funds. Diversify your holdings and create a professionally managed, low maintenance portfolio.

  • Bonds/CDs/Fixed Incomes
    Hedge your account with municipal and corporate bonds, CDs and Fixed Income Securities.

  • Margin Investing
    Leverage your investments with competitive margin rates.

  • Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP)
    Reinvest your dividends automatically and with no extra charge.

  • Securities Lending Income Program
    Earn extra income from loans on fully paid shares of stock in your account.

Account Types

We offer different types of online brokerage accounts to fit your investment objectives. Browse account types for all of our online trading and online investment services.

  • Regular lnvesting
    Build your family's wealth with a traditional or joint brokerage account.

  • IRA Retirement
    Save taxes now or later and accumulate retirement savings with an IRA.

  • International Accounts
    Access Fair Trade Export's fast and powerful online trading platform from almost anywhere in the world. For more details on how to open an international online trading account with Fair Trade Export, click here.

  • ESA Education Planning
    Help your children reach their highest potential with an ESA.

  • Custodial Account
    An investment account set up for a child/minor wherein the account is placed under a custodian's control until the minor reaches legal adulthood.

  • Fair Trade Export Cash Management Account
    Consolidate your banking and brokerage services all in to one account.

Multiple Ways to Trade

  • Online
    The most convenient way to place orders and monitor your account activity.

  • Mobile
    Trade on-the-go with your internet enabled mobile device. Download our iPhone or Android App to enjoy the flexibility of mobile trading at the same low commissions.

  • Broker Assisted
    When you are unable to place order online through web or mobile app, please call us Toll-free at +1 (419)2856996 and speak with our representative to place your orders by phone.

Key Features

Research & Tools

  • Streaming Watchlist
    React quickly to market conditions with real-time streaming quotes. It’s compatible across all browsers, no plug-ins required.

  • Morningstar Stock Reports
    Read the weekly expert insight on your favorite stocks from Morningstar's analysts.

  • Investment Screeners
    Find investment products and discover a world of investing opportunities based on your specialized filtering criteria.

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