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Over 11,000 Funds to Choose From

Mutual funds investments offer a great way to diversify your portfolio, diversify your holdings within a particular sector, and create a professionally managed, low maintenance portfolio with an affordable fee. At Fair Trade Export, we have over 11,000 mutual funds that you can choose from for your account. No matter what sector, beta, or risk level you are looking for, you can find the best mutual fund fit.

Mutual Fund Trading Platform Tools That Make Searching for the Right Fund Easier

Advanced Screener

Enter the criteria for the mutual fund you are searching for and automatically search our available funds for a list of appropriate funds to consider. Search by minimum investment amounts, load types, risk categories, beta, and more.

Fund Commentary

Our fund commentary and easy-to-access fund profiles show you the fund's performance history, asset allocation, manager information, and more.

Periodic Investment Program

Set up a periodic investment program for your mutual funds and take advantage of dollar cost averaging. This reduces your need to watch the market and ensures that your portfolio is actively building.

Funds We Offer

Fair Trade Export carries over 11,000 mutual funds, and the list is still growing.
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