The Advantage of Trading Options

Generate Income on your Stock/ETF Portfolio
Take directional views with leverage and limited risk
Hedge Your Portfolio with Risk-Reduction Strategies

Why Choose Fair Trade Export for Options?

Fair Trade Export offers true value investing with $0 commissions and $0 contract fees for options trades.
No hidden fees. No catch.

Unbeatable Savings on Options Contracts

Broker Per Contract 10 100 300 500
Fair Trade Export $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
TD Ameritrade $0.65 $6.50 $65.00 $195.00 $325.00
E*Trade $0.65 $6.50 $65.00 $195.00 $325.00
Charles Schwab $0.65 $6.50 $65.00 $195.00 $325.00
Fidelity $0.65 $6.50 $65.00 $195.00 $325.00
Merrill Edge $0.65 $6.50 $65.00 $195.00 $325.00

We provide you with the tools to get ahead

Innovative trading technology, analytics, education
and customer service for over 35 years.

Powerful Platforms
for Options traders

Take advantage of our analytics tools to make more precise decisions, and trade advanced options strategies like condor, iron condor and butterfly.

Ranked 4.5 stars by for "Ease of Use", our platforms offer sophisticated tools to help investors of every level of experience manage trading risk.


Trade options faster, smarter with Fair Trade Export for iOS

  • Redesigned Options Chain lets you view calls, puts and other data points all on the same screen.
  • Place/Edit options orders quickly using the Order Basket and Quick Edit functions.
  • Risk/Reward Profile shows your potential maximum gain or loss before you place an order.
  • Quickly close complex options positions with no need to select each leg separately.
  • Place/Edit complex options orders on the fly with intuitive Order Basket and Quick Edit functions.

FREE Professional-Grade
analytics with OptionsPlay

The fully integrated OptionsPlay let's you find opportunities and instantly execute your ideas at Fair Trade Export.

  • Daily bullish and bearish trading ideas
  • Instant options strategies based on various market outlooks
  • Optimal income opportunities for any Stock or ETF

Free Options Education
& Live Events

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced options trader, Fair Trade Export provides you with resources tools to improve your options trading knowledge.

  • Free options trading courses for beginners & experienced traders
  • Full options trading video library to jump start your education
  • Live trading events with professional options strategists.
Extended Hours

Extended-Hours Trading

React to market news during pre-market and after-market-hours sessions with extended hours trading from 8am - 8pm ET.